LIFDI is usually sold as an upgrade to an existing instrument. Many TOF instruments of various vendors are well suited. Also sector instruments from Thermo and Waters have been upgraded with LIFDI as well as FTMS instruments. We are always developing solutions for specific instruments.

If you are interested in upgrading your Mass Spectrometer please feel free to contact us to discuss the options.

Complete System Partners

Complete MS-instruments equipped with LIFDI technology and fully tested are available from our partners. If you want a dedicated LIFDI instrument or a LIFDI/ESI-combination you may get the complete package with support from a single source.

MS Vision

MSVision is our exclusive Partner for complete systems from Waters. MS Vision offers flexible and cost effective service, ensuring maximum performance and uptime of a wide range of Mass Spectrometry and LC systems. MSVision adopted LIFDI technology in 2013 and has experienced technicians for LIFDI on Waters instruments.

SIM - Scientific Instruments Manufacturing

SIM is a full-service provider for scientific devices and laboratory equipment. As a channel partner of Agilent Technologies they deliver select Agilent instruments fully equipped with LIFDI in a high quality package.