Founder Bernhard Linden

Linden CMS was founded in 1979 by Dr. H. Bernhard Linden.

Linden CMS is specialized on LIFDI and its predecessors FI and FD Mass Spectrometry.

Bernhard Linden studied Chemistry at the Universities of Munich and Bonn, Germany. He got the minor physics degree with Professor Dr. Wolfgang Paul, Nobel Prize laureate of 1989 (in recognition of his invention of quadrupole MS). Bernhard got diploma and Ph.D. with Professor Dr. H.D. Beckey, the inventor of wire based Field Ionization (FI) and Field Desorption (FD) Mass Spectrometry (MS).

In Beckey’s group, Bernhard developed among others the “front loading technique” raising the sensitivity of FD by a factor of up to ca. 200 by means of a sophisticated sample supply to the FD-emitter. He developed the “high rate (HR) activation technique” for quickest preparation of activated FD-emitters as well as growing metallic whiskers with extremely sharp tips.